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VibrationBloc Products

The VibrationBloc Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Stand was designed for the sole purpose of drastically reducing the amount of washing machine vibration that can be emitted by many of today's front-loading washing machine units. Proven to be significantly more efficient than anti-vibration pads, anti-vibration feet and anti-vibration mats, VibrationBloc utilizes a patented technology that eliminates the jostling and shaking attributed to the washing or spin cycle modes of front-loading washing machine units. The VibrationBloc Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Stand is available as an individual product or can be bundled together with the VibrationBloc Dryer Stand.
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VibrationBloc Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Stand
Revolutionary stand for front loading washing machines
Your Price: $169.00
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VibrationBloc Dryer Stand
Bring your dryer to the same level as your washer
Your Price: $79.00
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VibrationBloc Washer & Dryer Stand Bundle
Get Both Stands for One Low Price
Your Price: $219.00
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VibrationBloc's solution to minimizing the effects caused by excessive vibration distribution is superior compared to other anti-vibration products, reducing vibration levels by a staggering 92% at spin speeds. Outperforming alternative anti-vibration products by a sizable margin, VibrationBloc's answer to washing machine anti-vibration is designed to last for the entire life cycle of the average washing machine and provides long-lasting protection against spin-cycle vibration transmission.